Pierce Capital Partners’s professionals have experience in corporate finance and investment banking in a diverse universe of industries, having advised on or financed over $10 billion in corporate transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring Company
Acquired Company
GlobeComm WorldCell N/A
EM Solutions ESS N/A
ITSolutions ITEQ N/A
Laguna Ventures Oak Hill Group N/A
Carahsoft FedResults, Inc N/A
Ariel Way Loral Business TV Div Stock
24/7 Media Intelligent Interactions $22,000,000
Bank of America GW Life N/A
Beneficial Corporation Spiegel Corp N/A
Beneficial Fin Co Beneficial Corp N/A
CCC GlobalCom Incomnet Communications N/A
Commercial Solvents Northwest Nitro $5,550,000
Coop, Ltd Armour of N. Zeland $27,000,000
Dyncorp, Inc Program Resources, Inc $16,000,000
Eastman-Kodak Co Network Solutions $2,000,000
Edge, Inc ERCI N/A
EDP Technology, Inc Educational Comp. Corp $120,000,000
EDP Technology, Inc Systemed Corp $4,000,000
EDP Technology, Inc International Devel. Srvs $2,000,000
EDP Technology, Inc< Computer Systems Inc $1,000,000
EDS Datatel Banking Services $12,000,000
Gator Broadcasting Micanopy Brdcstg Corp $1,450,000
H&R Block CompuServe, Inc $23,000,000
InfoPro Services, Inc National Management Systems $6,500,000
Ins Imperial N/A
Level 8 Software Template Software $42,000,000
Lincoln National Life Maxican Life Ins. Co N/A
Man Tech Intl Jeehne Assoc Ltd N/A
Marino, SA Swift do Brazil $30,000,000
MCI Worldcom Compuserve N/A
Ogden Corporation Automatic Canteen N/A
Pierce International Pingon Intl, SA $14,000,000
Prospective Technology Mega Tech N/A
SCM Corporation Glidden Corp $475,000
Sea Mobility, Inc Dyncorp N/A
Sindicato General de Trab Swift of Argentina $100,000
Southern Starr Broadcasting Broad $6,000,000
Wectel Services, Inc ERCI $13,000,000


Private Equity & IPO

Acquamar Private Placement N/A
American Computer & Eletronics Corp. PrivatePlacement N/A
Centrium Spas Strategic Partnership $1,250,000
Century Bancshares Public Offering $3,600,000
Codeworks, Inc Private Placement $600,000
Comsell, Inc Strategic Partnership $1,000,000
Comsell, Inc Private Placement N/A
Countryside Apartments Private Placement $3,400,000
Eagles Corporation Private Placement $1,000,000
Empower, Inc. Private Placement N/A
Filmways, Inc. Public Offering $7,000,000
Flexiwatt Corporation Private Placement $3,000,000
Fundalara Private Placement N/A
Gator Broadcasting Private Placement $2,000,000
Grupo Unido Public Offering $40,000,000
International Telecommunications Corp Private Placement $20,000,000
Kings Arms Apartments Private Placement $5,000,000
MBI Business Systems Private Placement $2,000,000
National Enterprise Bank Public Offering $2,400,000
Puritan Funds Strategic Partnership $3,700,000
Telspan, Inc. Strategic Partnership N/A
Venatum, Inc. Private Placement N/A


Power Projects

8MW Cogeneration Plant (USA) Private Placement $30,000,000
20MW Cogeneration Plant (USA) Private Placement $32,000,000
30MW Cogeneration Project (Mexico) Private Placement $80,000,000
75MW Hydroeletric Plant Private Placement $110,000,000
150MW Power Generation Plan (Colombia) Private Placement $50,000,000
155MW Gas-fired Project (USA) Private Placement $96,000,000
220MW Power Generation Joint Venture $22,000,000


International Loan Syndications and Placements

Amount $US
Banco Hipotecario Panama A.I.D $9,000,000
Baquerizo & Mosquera Ecuador Phillips of Ecuador $500,000
Bimeca Venezuela Financiera Metropolitano $600,000>
Centro Simon Bolivar Venezuela C.B.S $50,000,000
Clinica Santa Cecilia Ecuador Banco de Descuento $1,000,000
Constructora Aguilar Mexico PEMEX(Indirect) $50,000,000
Constructora Maya Venezuela Fundalara $61,000,000
Constructora Maya Venezuela Fomuco $31,000,000
Continental Homes Venezuela A.I.D $1,300,000
Continental Homes Jamaica None $1,300,000
Coracrevi Venezuela Banco Obrero $10,000,000
CRENCA Venezuela Banco Nacional de Desc $3,900,000
Ecuadorian Ecuador Government of Ecuador $3,000,000
Government of Panama Panama Government of Panama $25,000,000
Hector Valdes Panama Banco Nacional $3,000,000>
Hotel Atahualpa Ecuador Banco de Descuento $1,500,000
La Reforma Ecuador Banco Nacional $1,800,000
Pingon Spain None $9,000,000
Roberto Allejos Guatemala None $2,200,000
Sfeir, Echelat Chile Banco del Estado $1,800,000
T.F. de Mexico Mexico Gulf and Western $6,000,000
Venatun Venezuela None $7,000,000